Live Monitoring

The 可以赌足球的app online service for full real time shipment visibility. The unmatched full visibility of the location and container sensor data lets you continuously track your shipment, as well as the status of your cargo. This visibility allows you to proactively intervene should it become necessary.


Thanks to the full data integration of the container, you can set up a customized alert notification system based on your specific needs and requirements. This leads to quicker investigations of potential counterfeit, security issues or temperature deviations should they occur. This also benefits your business from a sustainability perspective by freeing up time your colleagues would have spent tracking a shipment.

The ability to integrate with airway bill information, provides you with an early status notification prior to arrival, which enables important process improvements in delivery planning and handling.

The Live monitoring service is included in all Releye® leases and can be added to your CryoSure® lease.

Validated Sensor Capabilities available for CryoSure®

  • Probe temperature (°C)
  • Box open
  • Location



Validated Sensor Capabilities available in the Releye® containers 

  • Cargo hold temperature (°C)
  • Cargo hold humidity (RH %)
  • Cargo loaded inside (yes/no)
  • Door openings (open/closed)
  • Battery level (%)
  • Ambient temperature (°C)
  • Ambient humidity (RH %)
  • Location

Key features

Shipment location – Always updated on where your shipment is utilizing location data, readily available on any device and visible on a map.


Monitor crucial shipment data – All important container sensor data is collected and sent to the Live Monitoring platform continuously during the trip. Allows you to seamlessly monitor the condition of your cargo.


Manage deviations – If something unexpected were to happen during your shipment, you will receive immediate notification about where, when, and exactly what went wrong. You can set the rules for automated notifications for sensor data such as temperature, battery and more. You can also add geo-fencing to ensure that your shipment does not deviate from the planned route.


Share access by Data sharing – 可以赌足球的app understands the power of collaboration to enable a successful shipment. Via the 可以赌足球的app customer portal can all parties involved monitor the shipment. The lessee can at anytime turn sharing off. But we believe that working together as a team always gives the best results.


Conveniently available in the 可以赌足球的app customer portal – The 可以赌足球的app customer portal provides you with a tailor-made experience from any device with direct access to relevant resources for a successful shipment.


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