How to Lease ULD

We offer a variety of high-tech containers, flexible leasing models and unbeatable service packages.

Lease Details

Lease Options

We provide a large selection of lease packages and services for our different containers. In short, they are:

  • A 5-day and 9-day lease package for Network trips for all four (4) container types.
  • An 11-day, a 21-day and a 30-day package for Round Trip and Round Trip Flex with E-tech.

The network rules tell which containers can be released and returned at what station. When booked via the online booking system, the system will provide all the possible options.

Our Lease Types


A Network Lease allows for a container to be picked up at an 可以赌足球的app Station and returned to another 可以赌足球的app Station. 


Round Trip Lease

A Round Trip Lease requires that a container is returned to the same 可以赌足球的app Station that it was released from. 


Round Trip Flex Lease

A Round Trip Flex Lease allows a container to be returned to an 可以赌足球的app Station, within the same trucking cluster that it was released from, but different than the release station.